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The news is coming from the center that the former chief minister of the Jammu and Kashmir region, has warned the center against the violation of the article 35A written in the constitutional laws.

The former minister has given her statement today. Due to which it has occurred to be a national issue. But why not, The statement which she has given would make anybody think twice before taking any actions whatsoever.

While she was addressing the 20th democratic foundation party in Srinagar. She said to the central government as a warning against violation of article 35A “If any hand or anybody tries to touch or cause to do anything against the article 35A not only the hand but the whole body will be severely burnt and will be turned into the ashes”.

waring against violation of article 35a
Mehbooba Mufti

What is Article 35 A?

Article 35A is the famous clause of the Indian constitution. Due to which the warning against the violation is given by the famous former chief minister of Jammu and Kashmir. This article allows the state’s legislature to define the “permanent resident” of the state. This article was added in the Indian constitutional laws as the situational order of the president which was issued on 14 May 1954 by the president of India.

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The facts mentioned in the article provides some democratic right and safeguards the people living in Jammu and Kashmir.

As per the clause, it provides some important right of permanent residency and other rights as mentioned below to the people living in the Jammu and Kashmir.

  1. Employment under the government of the state.
  2. Buying or selling of any immovable properties or settlement.
  3. If the state government provides as the aid such as scholarships or any other concessions.

Furthermore, there is a strict notice that if any sort of scrapping or violation is done against the article 35A, It may lead Kashmir to the autonomous state once again.

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