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Inguinal hernia causes | Symptoms and Diagnosis


An inguinal hernia happens or causes to happen when the tissues of the abdomen near the groin area extend beyond or above the surface. This usually takes place through the weak abdominal muscles or the area of the abdominal wall which is weak. This part of the abdominal tissues may be either right or left.

Causes of inguinal hernia

Hernia is basically of two types;

  1. Internal Hernia.
  2. External Hernia.

The most common and the topic we are discussing today is about External Hernia

The external hernia is also divided into many types, The chart and the detailed will so the types of hernia and how common it is;

External Hernia

TypesThe percentage that is seen in the patients or cases
1. Inguinal Hernia80% to 85%( Mostly Common)
2. Incisional Hernia10% to 15%
3. Femoral Hernia5% to 10%
4. Umbilical Hernia2% to 4%
5. Epigastric Hernia1%

Inguinal hernia and Femoral hernia occurs around the region of the groin. Therefore, It is also called “Groin Hernia“.

Types of Inguinal Hernia

1. Indirect Hernia

This is the most common type of hernia. The intestine protrudes at the deep inguinal ring. It starts at laterally. It forms laterally to the inferior epigastric artery.

2. Direct Hernia

In these cases, the intestine protrudes medially to the inferior epigastric artery with is the hesselbach’s triangle.

Symptoms of Inguinal hernia

  1. Pain in the area of a bulge when you cough or lift heavy things or during the force applied during poop.
  2. Discomfort around the gut.
  3. Weakness or feeling of dizziness.
  4. Unable to bend or lift heavy.
  5. Lump emerges upon coughing.
  6. Pain around the male testicles and swelling mainly resulting in fever in the emergency conditions.
  7. Vomiting is also seen in cases.

Causes of hernia

1. Obesity

Due to obesity, the fat percentage of the body increases heavily. Similarly, This condition causes pressure in the muscles. This ultimately divides the muscles into two parts. Therefore, It is of great importance to maintain your weight as soon as possible.

2. Surgery

If any kind of operation or surgery is done at any point in time. When the pressure is given to such part where surgery is done might cause this disease.

3. Coughing

If you are coughing for a long period of time and pain persists in the abdominal region. Then this might be one of the reasons for a hernia.

4. Chronic Constipation

When you feel uneasy or pain in the stomach while going to the toilet. Then it will certainly be one of the risk factors.

Besides the above risk factors of inguinal hernia. Following might also be some of the causes

  1. Difficulty in urination.
  2. The weakness of muscles.
  3. Aging.
  4. Other diseases or hereditary factors.
  5. Heavy Weight lifting.
  6. Smoking.
inguinal hernia causes
Causes of inguinal hernia

Stages of hernia

There are three stages of hernia which are as follows;

1. Reducible Stage

In this stage, the organ pops out and goes inside. Sometimes, the organ is also put inside by the use of hands or fingers. In this level, we can work without the level of surgery also. Similarly, After planning surgery is also possible.

2. Irreducible Stage

In this stage, the organ pops out of the abdomen walls and does not go inside. Similarly, When this condition occurs then surgery is necessary. It is advised to do an operation as soon as possible after taking the good consultation of a doctor.

3. Strangulated Stage

This is the last stage and the emergency stage. If this condition occurs then surgery must be done within 6 hours. If the organ goes inside and starts to decay then this is known as a strangulated stage. This is often seen in cases with a small hernia.

When to see a doctor if causes of inguinal hernia or any type of hernia start to appear.

If there is any kind of swelling or pain pertains in the location of swelling then it is compulsory to visit a professional. But the pain starts to occur in the later stage of the disease. But by then the situation starts getting worse.

Symptoms of inguinal hernia

  1. Sharp pain and uneasiness in the groin area of the abdomen which causes difficulty in bending, running, coughing, and most probably lifting heavyweights.
  2. Weakness and feeling of dizziness and mostly seen bloating stomach.
  3. Increase in gastritis problems and indigestion to a large extent.
  4. Vomiting in most of the cases is also seen.
  5. A lack of appetite is also a common symptom.
  6. The lump may be seen around the ground area when the organ comes out.
  7. If it is an emergency even the cases fall ill or diagnosed with a high fever.

Diagnosis of hernia

Commonly most of the doctors find it by physical diagnosis or examination. When it is seen the bulge of the organ outside. But in the following medical ways, the cause of inguinal hernia or another hernia can be diagnosed.

  1. Ultrasound.
  2. CT Scan or MRI (In some cases but mostly ultrasound works).
  3. X-ray.
  4. Endoscopy.

FAQ’s relating to hernia

1. When should i visit a doctor?

If you feel any kind of a pain in the abdomen most preferably in the groin area. Similarly, Aching of the abdomen, pain in the testicles, uneasiness while running, coughing of lifting heavyweights. Consequently, If it is backed up my nausea, vomiting, and weakness then you should surely go and visit the doctor for the condition.

2. Can i drink if i have hernia?

If I have to suggest drinking alcohol is not at all healthy. It gives rise to 90% of body problems. If you drink in this condition then it may cause you heartburn, gastric and nausea. Therefore, Quit it as soon as possible.

3. What foods should i stop if i am suffering from hernia?

If you are suffering from inguinal hernia then there are some kind of precautions that you must take. You should completely stop smoking and drinking any alcohol products or products containing tobacco. One must always be away from hot and spicy foods and fizzy drinks. Furthermore, The cases should contain fruits and green vegetables in their diet.

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