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Stop biting nails | Get rid of bad habits


How to stop biting nails

Oh ! biting your nail it is a very vital problem when you are childhood. Isn’t it “Yes” it is but what if you have this kind of behavior and its kind of nature of biting nails in adulthood as well. I am sorry to say but this is a very serious problem if you bite your nails now after being grown up as well. You must give up the habit and stop biting nails as soon as possible. As this can be a serious problem in your life.

stop biting nails

Trust me you have to get away with this habit as soon as possible. As it would harm your reputation and your image in front of the people. With whom you are with and how they will look at you. It will adversely affect your self-esteem and your nature towards other people’s eyes.

Causes of biting the nails 

There can be many causes due to which you are biting the nails. Some of the causes which I’ll be telling you in this blog are mentioned as follows:

1. Genetics:

The first and foremost reason may be genetics. If the people around you and if the generations that you come from are into biting their nails. Then, it is obvious that you will follow some of their habits as well. Ultimately, you start biting your nails. Therefore, it is of the great fact that you must control yourself. To get away with it as soon as possible. As this is not a very good habit that you must adopt it. So, let it go and start from today. Don’t bite your nails and that’s it.

stop biting nails

2. Anxiety:

They are most of the time when the butterflies fly in your stomach isn’t it yeah that is anxiety. Anxiety and depression are that you need something to control anxiety. If you have the habit of biting your nails you will see me really go on to biting your nails without even having an intention of biting it that is anxiety and that is the habit how is biting nails without any having any intention of writing it. Therefore, control anxiety and get rid of biting else.

stop biting nails

3. Mental tension: 

If you have mental tension due to anything then there can be the reason that you will bite your nails day in and day out the mental tensions. It may call you to put your teeth on your nails and bite it off and remove it off and make your hand bleedy all around and make it look very unhygienic and very unhealthy.

4. Habit:

It is a habit that makes you good or bad Habit. If you have the habit of biting your nails in childhood then it is for the obvious reasons that you will buy steel nails in the adult as well. Before it is of the great importance that you will watch after your habits and try to get it off as soon as possible as this is not in the good habit that you must prevail and you must add up in your life.

Similarly, we know that we have a lot of dirt particles which are in our nails and if we keep search hands dirty hands in our mouth then all those bacteria and viruses will enter into a body and can cause a skill very ill. Therefore it is important to get rid of such bad habits as soon as we can.

Disadvantages of biting nails

1. Infection:

As we all are aware of the fact that the nails contain very harmful germs stick to it. Similarly, the germs containing nails which we keep in our mouth can cause all the infection. Germs in our body and make us ill. Due to which we will have to suffer a lot. Therefore, in order to avoid the risk of such infections from harmful bacteria and viruses, We must control our habit and avoid the risk of any diseases. That we know is certain after having to practice this habit.

stop biting nails

2. Teeth harm:

Most of the people out there practice the act of eating nails like chewing food. This kind of heart is very very harmful to our body therefore not only a body it is harmful that it can cause any kind of these orders to our teeth. Such as it may lead to bad smell that comes from mouth similarly it may cause to decay the teeth and give rise to do teeth cavities.

stop biting nails

3. Harms reputation:

If you have the habit of biting your nails then it is of the great possibility that you will end up harming your self-esteem and reputation the people will have a different opinion about you as they may think that you have very poor hygiene. Hence, Stop biting nails. All the people will run away from you and there even might be the situation that they will try to maintain the distance from you so that it wouldn’t affect their self-esteem and reputation.

Trust me, In this world, people just think about themselves. In fact, your life lies in your hands how you want to take it. It’s up to you, therefore, it’s your life why not maintain a very good habit and spend your life in a very good way.

stop biting nails

4. Risk of poisoning :

If you are a girl out there reading this blog then this point is exactly for you as most of the lady put beautiful nail paints in their hands if they have the bad habit of chewing their nails then search name paints contains very toxic chemicals which will enter into a body and cause serious poisoning and it may even lead to death the study report of the sciences has clarified that 100% of the nail paints are full of chemicals and it is very harmful to skin. Therefore, If you want to be away from fatal diseases you must stop biting nails.

The chemicals which are contained in the nail paints are not digested by our digestive system due to which it may give rise to harmful bacteria and viruses. That will thereafter end up with very serious health hazards in the long-term.

How to stop biting nails

First and foremost thing I want to tell you to everyone reading this blog that nature people have a biting their nails is not a very serious problem but it is a habit which all depends on your mental toughness to eradicate this kind of habit.

1. Meditation :

If you have a very bad habit of biting the nails. Then, Meditation will help you to enhance your mental toughness, and give you mental strength from within. That will help you to get rid of this kind of habit. Similarly, meditation will not only give you a mental boost but also will increase your confidence. And the way how you look towards anything it will change your decision of you looking the perspective of life.

For meditation, all you need to do is sit down on the ground and then close your eyes. Focus on how you breathe. Inhale your breath in and just exhale it out. Just concentrate on breathing more closely. This will certainly give the relaxation of the mind and increase your concentration capacity to do practice it about 10 to 15 minutes only. Trust me you will see the amazing results which have never seen in your life. It will change your life. Therefore, It will you to stop biting the nails.

stop biting nails

2. Focus :

You must keep an eye when take your hands in your mouth and start biting your nails. When you just focus on it that you are not going to bite your nails. Take your hands off from it practicing this kind of habit of just focusing on what you are doing will certainly help to get rid of such kind of habit and make a habit of learning new things is the most intelligent way. Trust me, Focusing on what you are doing is the most intelligent way of learning an excelling in something new. Similarly, It will foster to stop biting nails.

3. Cut your nails :

If you cut your nails very short then you will have nothing hidden so that you can bite it. It can sound a bit funny but it is the best way due to which you can then get rid of this kind of harmful and bad habits. If you want to get rid of the bad habit of biting your nails then keep in mind cut your nails to short that it will not fit your teeth. Above all, It will stop biting nails.

stop biting nails

4. Coat it with the bad taste :

This method will stop biting nails. If you have the habit of biting your nails then what you just want to do is quote your nails with some bad taste substance so that if you keep up your hands in the mouth next time then the bad taste will come in your tongue and you will not do that again.

stop biting nails

Hence, Before wrapping it up. It is one of the most amazing methods that will help you to get rid of the bad habits of biting the nails. Ultimately, giving you a new life.

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