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How to get out of a gang | life tips


Being in a group of people surrounded by a good environment is a very good thing to have in life. But sometimes these people with whom you are with can be a snake in disguise for you. There are many reasons why people want to leave the gang with whom they are with and get out, of bad peers.

I am not saying that being in a gang is not healthy. If the people with you are good and helpful then they will help you to grow and make your future bright and shiny. What if they are not good people with whom you are staying. If they are not good and have many bad communications or habits trust me these guys will make you like them as well. There is a great saying that one rotten apple rot all the apple in the basket. ABove it is all your choice whom you want to stay or be with as life is just about the choices. It is just the options you select that makes your life happy and prosperous. If you select the wrong option it can be as bad as hell.

How to get out of a gang

If you are in a good gang, following advantages you will have in your life.

Pros on joining a gang

how to get out of a gang
Pros of joining a gang

If you are with a group of people who are good and want to achieve something in life will help you in every bit to make your life good as well. Selecting the peers or group of peers in life is very important in life. Think wisely if you seriously love your life. You get only one life spend it properly make yourself and your parents proud rather than demolishing their hard work and sweat.

1. Emotional support

If you have a good friend they will help you in any conditions or situations that undergo in your life. In case any problems come in your life then they are for you. You can keep your head on their shoulders and cry your heart out. They can be one whom you can rely on and trust. There will not be any chances that you will break your mental strength.

SummaryYou must choose your peers wisely. When there is the time when the chips in your life is down they will make you gather yourself and move forward. You can feel good about yourself.

2. Carrer help

The good peers will help you in and out when you will have any difficulty in your future and career prospect. Similarly, there will be a proper determination of what will be useful for you. Similarly, by their experience and hard work you can make your future bright and shiny like the sun. One’s life will be guided in the right direction through which the name and fame of yourself and the parents can be increased.

SummaryA good peer is responsible and will take care of all your needs and demands when every necessary. They will similarly be there for you in the time of crisis and help you in the time of need.

3. Enjoyment

Good peers enjoy and be happy in your happiness. They share your success and be happy with you. If you have a good group then you can enjoy yourself with them. Enjoyment such as party, having lunch together, sharing a success party, marriage, and other similar occasions.

SummaryFriends are those who will enjoy all your success and be happy for every thing that you will severely achieve in life. You can share each and every thing you have in heart and they will show sincerity and care for you always.

4. Economic support

Good peers are always there for you. If you have now money or any kind of monetary facilities. Then they will be the ones who will help you to get over every challenge that is in your life. Either be it economical challenges or any other problems. Similarly, they will be with you like your shadow being within each minute moments. Whatsoever, it can be.

SummaryIf you are involved in good gang then there will be no way that you will lag behind anyone due to monetary or economic problems. They will stand like a rock for you and manage to the possible extent as possible they can for you. Because monetary calue is not greater then friendship.

5. Education guidance

We all do group study with friends in schools and colleges every now and then. A good friend is who will help you with your chapters. help you to learn things and score good marks in the examinations. Furthermore, they will give you proper guidance on what will be better for you in the studies, which will be better for you in the future. What subject will make your future bright? Due to which you can get good jobs in the future and be independent and make yourself, your friends and parents proud.

SummaryYou can get help in your studies and score good grades in exams. Therefore, you can have a favouravle future whasoever and enjoy your life with full dedication.

6. Stand out friend

A good peer is that who will be there for you in any conditions you are in. They are the ones who will keep you out of all the problems and reduce the chances of problems that can come in your life in any possible way. They are the ones who will safeguard you.

SummaryHe/she will stand for you and fight with the whole world for you with our caring about himself. He will protect you from all the problems and enemies that can harm you or cause to harm you in any possible ways.

7. Partners to determine right and wrong

Good peers are the best partners for you who will take the best decision that is good for you. They will help you to choose the best among the whole lot of choices that you will get in life. Mind you 90% of the choices that you will get in life will be against you. You have to select the best and the right one for your self that can help you to get an amazing and rocking future.

SummaryHe will determine what is right and what is wrong for you in such a way that the chances you will get into any problems decreases or diminishes.

Cons of joining a gang

This is the topic that I will be discussing today. Joining a gang is very dangerous and if such gang any illegal works that are against the law and constitution of the country then trust me your life will be not less than a living hell.

  1. If you join a bad gang and who does illegal activities then there is a high priority that your reputation will degrade. People in society will look at you as a criminal. You will not be liked by anyone. If you join a gang then you will become the person like whom any growing child never ever want to be. Mind you if you are in a gang now in childhood you also wanted to be good people like doctors, engineers, accountants, teacher, businessman, actors, sportsman and endless good profession that would make your family proud. Now you have destroyed all of it. Get out of it and know your true identity.
  2. Chances are that you can get addicted to smoking, drinking alcohol, drugs or any sort of bad behavior that is neither acceptable by society nor by the law. If you never wanted to do such things to be the part of such gang members you will automatically be involved in such things and deeds. If you be with them you are like them and will be counted the same.
  3. You might get involved in a threatening, robbery, beating, kidnapping, rape or such similar unacceptable activities.
  4. There might be the supply and dealing of such material that can harm one’s life and is against the law and constitution of the territory.

Why people join a gang

  1. Due to the threat of somebody., forcefully.
  2. Lack of maturity or unknowingly.
  3. Because of poverty, or for money.
  4. Lack of education or illiteracy.

Getting out of the gang is not easy. Since you are a member of any gang you are involved with. You know everything about them. From their head to toe. In fact, If you tell them that you want to leave their partnership and start a new life then they will not let you do that. They will never let you go away from them or either leave them.

Reasons your gang members will not allow you to go

  1. Since you were the members of the gang, they will have the threat that you will go and leak those secret things which you were the part of. Due to which they will have to suffer from a big problem.
  2. If you are an important member of the team then they might think that if you will leave them then their work will not accomplish and will not get another person like you.
  3.  They will feel that the confidential information can be shared with the police or any authorities or with the opposition gang that can harm them adversely.

Leaving a gang is one thousand times riskier and dangerous than joining the one. If you want to leave them and give a kick start to your life then mind you that the things might get worse but you will get out of it one day.

Consequences you might suffer if you tell your gang that you want to leave them

  1. They will first urge and request you not to leave them. Since they are working with you closely for many years.
  2. They will offer you some money or any other facilities. Due to which you will not go away from them.
  3. Similarly, If the above did not work. Then, they might try to harm you and shout at you. There might be some cases that you will be badly threatened, blackmailed or beaten as well.
  4. They might harm, threaten or beat you, parents or family.
  5. Kidnapping or Ransome of money can be the chances as well.
  6. In the last stage, if after trying everything you will not agree with their words they might try to kill you.

Here are the suggestions that might help you to get off a gang

How to get out of a gang

  1. We know that leaving a gang is not easy. If you tell them that you want to get out of the team then conditions will get worse. Rather, There is no need to tell any of the gang members or gang leaders that you are leaving them or want to leave them.
  2. By any means or method please keep yourself away from, emails, messages, written texts or letters through which they can find you or trace you.
  3. If you have an urge to leave a gang, share your planning and plotting with someone you can trust. That person must not be from the gang. Select the person not involved with the gang. If you have a partner then the whole process will get very easier for you and you will not have to go through all alone. There will be some backing up for you as well. Above all, you will feel more confident and strong.
  4. Try to spend more time with your family and a good set of peers. You must have an emotion to keep your self detached from them to the possible extent you can.
  5. Do not dress the way you use to dress and look when you are with your gang members. Find the actual person who you are and stick strongly to it.
  6. You have to give up speaking the language and process of speaking like your gang members. Be the way you are.
  7. Avoid yourself from taking part in their plans, actions, parties or any confidential works. Try to ignore as much as possible you can.
  8. Change your contact number, emails, and place you leave in. So, there will be no way that they can contact you or trace you by any means. Give a strong excuse for why you are unavailable for them. Stick to your words and be persistent in it.
  9.  If after trying everything. If things do not go your way. Then take the help of the person with some authority such as police or any legal consultants.

Joining a gang is easy but getting out from it is really very tough. But it is not impossible. Many people all around the globe have joined the gang after knowing the consequences as well. You can surely get out of it. It will take them and accordingly you can regain your identity and pride back.

Before summing it up, I would just like to say that take some time and think with the cool mind before taking any step or any decision as it is your decision and choices that make your life worse and happy. Above all, do things that will make you and your family proud. Be with those people who care for you and who are there for you whatever it takes without any jealousy or demand. Respect your elders and parents. Show love to all the people who are below you and weaker than you. The world is a beautiful place to be in. Be happy and stay healthy. Take awesome decisions and make your life like a beautiful garland of flowers that will make the life of yours and people with whom you are happy and filled with joy.

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