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How to increase stamina


Before I jump straight into the topic, I want you people reading this blog to know that what is “Stamina”. Most of the people want to increase it but does not know what it actually is. Stamina is a physical or mental strength to do something in a good way. Stamina basically means “strength”.

People today are so busy in their work, business and jobs. Due to which they have their poor eating habits and they do not have ample time to give to their health and living styles.

What causes decrease in stamina

  1. Excessive Masturbation.
  2. Drinking Alcohol.
  3. Smoking.
  4. Lack of Exercise or Physical Training.
  5. Inadequate amount of sleep.
  6. Poor Nutrition.

Today, I have decided to write something about it to give you some of the best tips to increase your working ability. 

Let’s get into some of the points below. :

1. Exercise :

Yes, my friends exercise is one of the most amazing thing a human being can do to make them self healthy and increase their potential beyond ordinary. It is full of amazing benefits if you cut out an hour or half from your busy schedule for exercise. If you include jogging, yoga and a mild weight lifting in your schedule you can increase your stamina in a amazing way.Further more, it will enhance your mental strength as well and give a boost to your self-confidence and your living standards.

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2. Yoga & Meditation:

Stress is the main factor that makes a person feel low every time. Practicing yoga and meditation on a daily basis helps you to manage stress in a most convenient way. These practices helps a human being to increase its endurance. As per the health study report of 2017, A class of 54 students attended yoga and meditation classes for eight week and they said that they have seen amazing changes in their life style and increased the physical potential.

3. Coffee:

Yes, My dear friends coffee. It is a amazing booster for you physical potential. You must have seen many people out there who are involved in athletics or people who gym takes coffee or caffeine 1 hour before their practice. It is because it gives a lot of energy to them and they can perform with much more intensity. If you feel low in any day to do exercises even you can try it, to give a boost to your immense energy. But you must not rely on caffeine everyday. Also See:How to get clear face fast

4. Ashwagandha:

It is a ayurvedic herb that has recently become more popular due to its amazing health benefits.There are a lot of benefits of ashwagandha, I will be writing a different blog on the benefits of ashwagandha. It reduces the cortisol(Stress hormone) level and makes a person happy and happiness leads to increase in stamina and endurance. Talking about other benefits of ashwagandha, it reduces depression, Boosts testosterone, and many other health benefits.

5. Eat foods that are high in protein :

Protein is essential for the growth and development of the human body. It aids in fat loss and promotes muscle building. Similarly, It also boosts our libido and gives strength to perform sexually as well. If you don’t last long in bed then you should try high protein in your diet. Along, with it you should maintain the balance of carbs and healthy fats as well. Such as green and leafy vegetables, peas, chicken, eggs, fish.

Above all, Foods that are high in omega helps to improve blood circulation and improve in blood circulation helps to increase the sexual libido. Likewise, Fish are high in omega. You can also have 1 to 2 tablets of shilajit which is also a sexual energy booster and increase your time in bed. Similarly, It is helpful in treatment of pre-mature ejaculation problems.

6. Limit your masturbation

Masturbation is the natural way to fulfill sexual desires for both men and women. Masturbation is not bad thing to do. It is natural and everyone around the globe does it. There is nothing to feel shy about it. But excessive masturbation give a very adverse effect on health.

Drawbacks of excessive masturbation

  1. Decrease in libido and sexual urge.
  2. No satisfaction during sex. We can get addicted to our hands and get satisfaction through it only.
  3. Heavy weight loss.
  4. Lack of memory power and head ache.
  5. Decrease in stamina.
  6. Premature Ejaculation.

Masturbation once in a day is fine. But if you think and do it regularly it causes the above adverse effects.

7. Manage stress and depression

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Guys, the above mentioned points will surely help  you to get amazing results day in and day out. As it is one of the most proven ways to increase your stamina and endurance capacity.

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