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How to cure depression and loneliness


Before getting into how to cure depression and loneliness, Do you know What Depression Really is?

Depression is a serious medical condition. Most of the people don’t even get along with the symptoms. Even if they are suffering from it. As per the “health sciences report” it is found that ninety percent of the people, Don’t recognize that they are suffering from depression. Even if they don’t feel like the usual days. It can be seen that around 40% of the world people suffer from depression at any point in their lifetime.

Depression is a mental condition when your mind does not respond like it usually does. You suffer from an extreme lack of motivation, joy and there is the very lack of happiness in life.

how to cure depression and loneliness
Infographic on the cure of depression

  Causes of depression disorder

We now know that depression is harmful and bad for health. But what causes us to suffer from it. Here, are the most relevant causes of depression.

1. High stress:

Stress causes the mind of the person too dull. If we go through it day by day certainly it will ruin our lives and make us unhealthy.

2. Ragging:

Making someone feel low in their own eyes and hampering them physically and mentally is not cool at all. Ragging happens mostly in schools and colleges. Due to which most of the students are engulfed by depression disorder.

3. Medical Condition:

If you are suffering from any diseases and taking medicines on a regular basis. This makes the nerves of your brain weak and ultimately causes depression. Excessive use of medicines and pills are very bad for health.

4. Genetics:

Your genes play a great role in life. We get many good things from our ancestors. Similarly, It attracts many diseases as well. Depression and loneliness can be one of them.

5. Family events or family problems:

The condition such as death, divorce, poverty or any other family condition can cause depression and loneliness.

6. Relationship issues:

If you are into a bad relationship or say an abusive relationship with your better half or partner. In other words, a condition such as a break up can cause you mentally distorted leaving you with depression.

7. Excessive drinking of alcohol:

Alcohol drinks are always harmful to our bodies. Similarly, if you drink alcohol on a regular basis then it will be addicted to you. Ultimately, Without it, you will start getting irritated and angry. By the time, you will finish up being depressed.

8. Lack of nutrition:

Foods that are rich in protein, vitamins, fats, and carbs are very essential for our body. It boosts our physical and mental health. Similarly, If our body lack any such nutrition it will degrade our physical and mental strength.

Symptoms of depression and anxiety disorder

1. Feeling low in energy:

Usually, you don’t feel low in energy. If you are feeling it always and on a regular basis. You know what you need help that might be one of the reasons for depression.

2. No enjoyment of life:

Do you frequently feel sad, unhappy and frequently scared? and there is not any kind of enjoyment in life. Then I have to surely say that this is the major symptom of depression anxiety disorder.

3. Frequent headaches and neck pain:

Depression makes the nerves and the muscles of the brains weak. Similarly, It makes the neck stiff as well. In other words, we feel angry most of the times making us irritated and frustrated. Similarly, it promotes mood swings and makes us lonely as well.

If you are going through any of the above symptoms of depression anxiety disorder, then please don’t ignore it. In fact, take the necessary action whenever earlier you get to know about it.”WHO” STATS ON DEPRESSION

how to cure depression and loneliness

How to cure depression and loneliness

1. Exercise to cure depression and loneliness :

You who are reading my article on a regular basis must have found this point in common. And why not exercise is the cure for everything. It makes you feel good and happy from within and give an amazing boost to self-confidence. Further, Taking about my experience exercising daily has changed my life in a positive direction.

Exercising daily releases endorphin hormone which makes us feel good and happy regularly. Furthermore, it helps to maintain a balance in stress levels (cortisol) hormone is responsible for increasing stress levels). Exercising daily reduces the stress level to the extent and gives a new freshness in life. Ultimately, cure depression and loneliness.

Similarly, If anyone is suffering from chronic depression than one must make some time in the daily routine for 30 minutes of exercise. Exercise can be mild jogging, running, stretching or weight training. Exercise maintains the peace of mind and soul. Yoga can even practice some yoga postures as well. Above all, Exercise not only makes you fit and healthy but also throws depression out of your life.

SummaryExercise is really important for the proper functioning of the body. Weight lifting, Running, Jogging, Yoga, Meditation, etc will help to get away from depression and give new freshness to life.

2. Sleep to cure depression and loneliness :

Depression and loneliness occur due to lack of sleep. The most essential thing in life is sleep. If you want to be healthy then it is necessary to have a proper and sound sleep. A normal human body requires at least 8 hours of sound sleep daily. If you practice this and sleep for the required amount of time most of the disease will cut out itself.

Similarly, Lack of sleep raises the stress levels and ultimately gives results to depression. If you are the one suffering from depression you must aim to take enough rest and don’t do such activities which cause to increase in stress levels. Furthermore, you have to be more consistent and stable in your sleeping patterns. Consistency here means if you sleep for eight hours for one day and sleep for 4 hours the other day, then this is not done.

Therefore, If you want to get away from depression and loneliness and cure depression and anxiety on your own take eight hours of sleep.

SummaryOur body needs proper sleep to fuel the body to do work for other days. Similarly, We should at least sleep for 8 hours on a daily basis.

3. Spend time with family and friends to cure depression and loneliness :

Your family and friends are those who understand you and are closest to you. Whenever you feel alone and lonely try sharing it with them. Don’t keep it to yourself. If you share what you feel, you will certainly feel good.

Go talk to them, they are the one who is always there for you who understands you and make you feel at the top of the world. In other words, you can part with them. Do any other fun things that will make you happy.

Hence, If you want to cure depression and loneliness, then share it with your friends and family.

SummaryIf you are into depression you have to spend some quality time with friends and family. As they are the one who understands you more than any body else in the whole wide world.

How to cure depression and anxiety on your own

How to cure depression and anxiety on your own

1. Nutrition to cure depression and anxiety on your own :

A healthy body needs proper nutrition to develop your body and make you healthy. The secret to your health lies inside what you eat. Your eating habits can not only make you healthy but even it is responsible for making you sick as well.

In most of the cases, it is seen that many people are into depression due to lack of nutrition or malnutrition. In other words, you got to add some proteins, Vitamins, Carbs and healthy fats in the diet to get it going.

You can add these to your diet: Fruits, Chicken, Eggs, Peas and other green and leafy vegetables. This will surely help to cure depression on your own.

SummaryNutrition plays the vital role in the proper functioning and development of the body. Contains high amount of proteins, Carbohydrates and healthy fats in your diet. Similarly, Drink at least 4 litre of water per day.

2. Learn new things and make yourself busy :

We all are known to the fact the “Empty mind is the devil’s workshop” and you know what, it is somewhat true to some extent. For instance, if we have nothing creative to do then our mind thinks only negative things, it always thinks that whatever happens, happens for bad only. Our way of thinking completely changes.

Therefore, If you want to get over depression then you should try to learn new things and get involved in such activity which increases the intellectual capacity and boosts our creativity. Being busy in different kinds of works will make you more independent and divert your mind from sadness and you will get filled with new energy and stamina.

So, If you want to get healthy and re-energize yourself with new energy then make yourself busy and keep learning. Similarly, In this way, you can cure depression and loneliness.

SummaryIt is of great importance to keep yourself engaged in new things and keep yourself busy. If you are involved into something you will not get chance to think about anything. As you think less you life will be happy instantly.

3. Determine your goals and put your efforts to achieve it :

Goals are those things that give you a boost to achieve it and do something in life. The determination of doing something or achieving something gives you natural motivation from with in to do something big.

From my point of view, Having an urge of doing something will make you more responsible and independent. If you are in the grip of depression set your goals and turn all the day into nights to achieve it.

No one can cure you better than you can. Everything lies in your hands only. In contrast, You are the master of your own fate.

SummaryGoals or the target that you set for yourself in life will keep you moving forward day in and day out. Therefore, set you goals no matter small or big and achieve it in the worst possible way you an do.

4. Meditation to cure depression and loneliness:

Meditation is the condition where the people focus on a particular object and turn the mind into a state of peace and calmness. In other words, Meditation is the therapy of removing all the negative thoughts of the mind and clearing the mind.

For the process of meditation just close your eyes and focus on the inhale and exhale of breath. In the beginning, it might be difficult to bear the focus. But gradually, you can do it.

If you practice meditation on a regular basis then you can get the hold of it and will get rid of depression easily.

SummaryIf you want to cure depression and anxiety on your own. Meditation provides freshness and clear vision to mind. In other words, Due to meditation we can think properly and differentiate between what is right and what is wrong.

5. Take medical help:

Finally, If you have tried all the above methods then you must seek medical help. If all the above steps do not work then the condition is extremely fatal. It can adversely and very badly affect your health and mental condition.

You can consult a psychiatrist as soon a possible. They will help you in the best way possible and you will be out of the condition soon. If your health consultant provides you some therapy then you can have one. If he/she provides you any medicines then you must ask your consultant if it has any side effects on health or not.

SummaryIf you want to cure depression and loneliness go find a better doctor. I am sure he/she will help in the best way they can. So, that you can again get hold of your life and live life happily.

Finally, I want to add that for the cure of depression and loneliness seek self-help and try to get out of the condition by your self. As it is just the way of thinking that gives birth to the depression. In this way, you can cure depression and anxiety on your own.

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