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How to control anger outburst


Anger, it is the biggest enemy anyone can ever have. It destroys all the relationships, friends, family, love and not what within seconds. Anger can make you beast. People will run away from you and one day you will be alone. Control your anger outburst before it gets too late and before the condition worsens.

The human psychology study report has found that 40% of the world population have no control over their anger. 20% of divorced couples have occurred due to anger. It is fatal. In fact, one must and should have control over their anger. It is a serious problem which can even lead to legal issues and penalty. Similarly, If anger cannot be controlled it may even lead to the death of the lives as well.

If people reading this blog have the following questions running in their minds. Then, this blog is for you and you have landed in the right place.

How to control anger outburst

how to control anger outburst
Person angry on someone while talking

Questions related to anger issues

and many more such similar questions. Trust me this blog will answer it all.

Causes of Anger

  • Relationship issues, Heartbreak, or similar family problems.
  • Depression, Anxiety, or Frustration.
  • Severe failures.
  • Bad past or present experiences.
  • Unfulfilled desires or high expectations from any other person whatsoever.
  • Medical conditions.

How to control anger outburst

1.The Ten seconds rule

Whenever you feel angry, and the anger meter starts increasing. Calm yourself take a deep breath and count 10 to 1 backward. Above all, If you do this I am sure you will hold your nerves in 10 seconds.


This technique will divert your mind from the situation for at least some period of time and due to which you can control the anger outburst.

2. Just run from that moment

Yes, If you feel angry in any situation you must certainly get away from that place. Don’t listen to anyone what they say. After sometimes when the situation calms down and then you can have a talk. When you stay in the moment when you are angry, then there might be a condition when anything immoral or abusive can occur.


Running from the situation will not solve the problem. But it also cannot be denied that it can suppress the situation to a helpful extent.

how to control anger outburst
Anger Emoji

3. Just shut up, don’t talk

If you start feeling angry and someone is getting to your nerves ten just don’t speak even a single word. Let it take some time, after some time you will see the conditions under control by itself. If you speak too much when you are angry then there will be no connection between your mouth and brains. You will speak whatever you like and the things will get very bad. Hence, It is necessary to have an interconnection between the mouth and the brains. So, think before you speak anything.


Zipping up the mouth if you are high in nerves and filled with ego will definitely help to control anger outburst.

How can I control my anger

1. Don’t think too much

You know what, the root cause of an angry mind is over thinking about anything. If we think too much about the particular thing, then it is certain that even good things become worse. So, it is very important for us to limit our thoughts about a particular thing. Thoughts have no boundaries, once you start to think about the particular thing, then you will get deep into it and lose yourself it will give you nothing. Therefore, don’t let little things bother your mind.


In order to control anger outburst close your eyes and give your thinking a pause. If you don’t think nothing will go further. More than eighty percent of the problems that we are facing are due to our thinking.

2. Relax

Everything happens for a reason. Nothing stays with you permanently, everything is temporary. So, take everything in a light way and just relax. There is no need to hyper things and make an issue. Just “Relax” and take it easy.


Don’t take anything so heavily dear. Life is short live it happily in the ways you want. Just relax you have control of your anger outburst. Everything is fine.

3. Smile

We all know that Smile is the therapy or cure to everything if you take everything in the way as it is with a smile things really get very simple and sound. If there are any chances that you will be getting angry on someone or something then just take care of it with a smile.

But you all may have one question, that how can anyone smile while he is angry? Yes, it is difficult but when you practice it you will definitely make you perfect in it. Just give it a try, you will feel good.


Smile, are you smiling? If the answer is “yes”. You are now in your full control. You have controlled anger outbursts issues for the time being. Practice it daily for best results.

how to control anger outburst
Angry Cat

4. Ignore the condition

If you feel angry or about to get angry about anything, just ignore the condition don’t go into the deep side of anything. If it occurs ignore it and move forward because there are many important things to focus on rather than getting angry. Therefore, ignore the situation and move on.


If there is anything that is bothering you and making you angry. Ignore the situation. Focus on something else. Similarly, you can control your anger outburst. Above all, This will keep you away from anger outbursts.

5. Think why are you getting angry

If you are the one who gets pissed off on very small things which really does not matter then just take some moment for yourself and think what is the real reason behind getting angry. Is it worth wasting your most valuable time on it? Is there anything else you can do? I am sure that you will get positive answers. Simply let it go.


If you know what is the reason behind your angry feelings. Then, there is no problem just go and solve it.

6. Play light music

If you are feeling angry, just grab your phone or laptop and play some light music that can calm you down. You can hear the musical sound of the flute, the piano, etc. As per my case, the music of flute really calms me down and gives a sense of peace and harmony to my mind. Similarly, Find what music makes you happy and keeps you relaxed.


Playing light music calms the mind of the person and gives the vision to handle everything with care and maturity.

7. Forgive everyone

Forgiveness is the most difficult thing that one must learn in their life. Trust me if you have the courage to forgive everyone and keep no grudge against everyone. There will be no sprinkles of anger in your life. Life will be full of happiness and well being. Therefore, forgive and move your life forward.


Forgiving everyone who has done wrong with you, keeps you feel relaxed and away from all the negativity.

8. Write the note

This method can be highly beneficial to those who feel angry all the time on very petty issues. If you keep a journal for when you feel angry, the reason for feeling angry and other things. Then, it would be much easier for you to get rid of anger issues and control the anger to a visible extent.


Writing for what you are feeling makes you calmer and thinking things, again and again, makes it worse. So don’t overthink anything.

how to control anger outburst
Angry couple

9. Meditation

Focusing on particular things for a long period of time is called meditation. If you are suffering from anger issues then you should practice meditation for at least fifteen minutes daily. You just have to close your mind and give full focus to the breath of yourself. Meditation will clear your mind and helps in bringing peacefulness. Above all, If you do it for one week, you will get even more certain results and will aid in controlling the anger issues.


Meditation clears the mind and provides freshness. Above all, It gives the person a new vision and reduces anger and outburst.

10. Seek a doctor

If you have tried and tested each and every possible way that you can. Then, my dear friend, it is time you must go to the doctor and ask them to help you. Because things are not going really good. I am sure they are the ones who can help you with your good.


Doctors can examine the exact situation that is going with you and provide you the best advice ever than anyone can.

After discussing the ways to control anger outburst. I would like to note you down some of the severe consequences caused due to anger.

Video on how to control anger

Consequences of anger

1. Effects of Health

It distorts all your physical and mental energy. Furthermore, It reduces your immunity power and makes your body prone to various kinds of diseases. Similarly, It damages the nerves of the body and is seriously harmful to the human body.

2. Damages your reputation and self-esteem

If you are often angry, then people who live with you or around you will not like you. Everyone will have some sort of negative image of you. Similarly, It affects your self-confidence and will harm your intellectual capacity as well.

3. Halts your success

Everyone in life wants to be successful. But if you are filled with lots of anger and ego within them will have very fewer chances of getting success in their life. In order to be highly successful and renowned in life one should be grounded, polite and cool minded. They should possess the ability to be calm and composed in any situation and steps of life.

4. Unhealthy relationship

If you don’t know how and when to control your anger. Then let me remind you that you are going in the absolutely wrong path. Your anger will show the extremely adverse effect on your relationships with friends, parents, wife, or children. They will have more or what negative image of yours in their life. Hence, you must learn and practice the art of being calm in any situation that comes your way.

5. Depression and anxiety

High anger in you will leave you with frustration and stress. This will ultimately lead to depression and anxiety. It hampers your nerve cells of the brain which is very bad for you with health prospects.

how to control anger outburst
Infographic to control anger

Foods to improve anger issues

  • Aloe Vera ( The juice of Aloe Vera consists of many medicinal properties that help to calm down our nerves and certainly control anger outburst).
  • Amla or gooseberries ( They are high in vitamin C we can take the help of such gooseberries juice to control the issue).
  • Ashwagandha ( Also known as Indian ginseng provides the boost to the mental health and cures depression and anxiety which ultimately control anger outbursts).
  • Chocolates ( I am sure you have seen a lot of kids eating chocolates happily. If you feel high on your nerves just have some chocolates this will surely calm your nerves down and avoids irritation).
  • Foods high in protein ( High protein diet such as egg whites, Chicken, Peas, Almonds, Cashew nuts, Peanuts, milk, etc can be added in your diet to control anger outburst).

Some FAQ’s on how to control anger outburst

1. Is being angry natural?

We all are a normal human being. Yes, anger issues are natural to everyone. Everyone gets angry. But if you get angry on very petty issues and every time is an issue.

2. Are depression and anxiety responsible for anger?

To a remarkable extent, I would say yes. Depression and anxiety are responsible for anger. It is related to mental health. Our mental condition gets hampered due to anxiety and leaves you being angry.

3. Can I control anger outburst on my own?

You can control anger outbursts on your own surely. If you are the one who gets angry on every petty and small issue then just go through the above article and try some of those methods I am sure you will not get disheartened.

4. Natural ways to cure anger outbursts?

If I had to recommend some of the natural ways then yoga, meditation, and exercises will definitely prove beneficial. If you really want to get rid of the situation then you must cut off some time from the daily schedule and try it.

5. Can running control anger issues?

I don’t think I have to explain the benefits of running. It has a lot. Running on a daily basis gives a boost to mental health which ultimately cures all the problems not only anger it is important to cure depression and anxiety on your own.

6. Can anger kill someone?

This is a very critical and sensible topic to be discussed. Anger depletes our thinking power and makes us dull. We cannot differentiate between what is right and what is wrong.
We just want to take action without determining its consequences. If I have to tell the fact, Yes it can lead to someone dying. Anger is severely harmful. Yes, if you don’t know how to control anger outburst then it will surely kill someone one day.

Finally, I would like to add that extreme anger is the major problem. As a result, If you also get extremely angry then you should think seriously about it and take some of the above steps. You can definitely control it and get over anger.

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